first there was
Wes Anderson...

Despite an accomplished career in broadcasting, Wes’s first love has always been filmmaking.

As a teenager, he won awards in the Cooperative Young Filmmakers competitions, with his short films shown at the National Film Theatre in London, followed by inclusion in Germany’s Hanover Film Festival, where an audience poll voted his film sixth best.

In 2009, he founded Mediable, a company that hires equipment to the film and TV industries, as well as producing its own media.

Recently, Wes completed his first feature-length documentary, THE LAST YEARS OF KENNETH WILLIAMS, which commemorates the comedy actor’s centenary in 2026. He is currently working on another project, THE FINAL FRAME, which explores the story behind Charlie Chaplin’s last film, A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG. Due for release in 2027, this documentary has received approval from the Chaplin family.